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Comfortable Uncertainty (Aoba x Reader)
*Story Special*
So, since chapter 10 of the story had to be a continuation of the previous chapter, and not have anything huge in it, I decided to add a little special surprise for all of you. This is a little chapter involving you and Aoba (kind of a continuation of the morning you woke him up), since the main story is about you and the twins. It does not tie into the story, it's just kind of a side one-shot. I hope you like it, because I'm thinking of doing these for every 10 chapters. Or even after the story is finished. Please tell me if you guys would like that. But anyways, please, enjoy ~.
You glanced at the boy next to you and scooted closer, wondering what he was thinking about. Admiring his features, you analyzed every detail about them. From his sharp jawline, to his slightly pointed, yet very cute, nose- you admired it all. He had such b
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 23 8
No Good~ Chapter 10 (Trip and Virus x Reader)
"Time!" You said as the stop watch went off. All the boys then came to you with various articles of clothing in hand. 
"Alright, who wants to go first?" You said with a grin.
“I’d like to go first, (Y/n)-chan!” Clear said excitedly, running up to you in haste.
“Alright, Clear!” you said with a grin as he handed you the clothes, and you proceeded to step into the changing room. Giving yourself a moment, you took the opportunity to analyze the clothes the masked man had picked out for you. It was quite colorful, yet very cute. In your left hand there was a set of hangers. One had a light-blue denim jacket that, the other a black floral crop top. On a separate hanger was a pair of tropical pink skinny jeans that would extend down to your ankles. In your right hand was a black backpack with a kitten face on the front flap, as well pi
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 33 23
The Last Night (Armin x Eren)
"The last night you'll spend alone. 
I'll wrap you in my arms and I wont let go
I'm everything you need me to be"

Armin trudged back to his horse, continuously adjusting the shifting boy hanging onto his shoulders, making sure he wouldn't slip out of his grip or fall off the horse. It was another expedition they were coming from. More blood shed, more soilders and friends lost, but most importantly, more titans had been slain. Significantly, the number of deaths was higher, but it wasn't Armin's comrades bodies who littered the ground like fallen leaves. No, these bodies were too large to be considered human. These bodies were titan bodies, and with every man-eating giant that fell, the closer humanity came to their freedom. This truth alone keeping both Armin and his best friend from giving up. 
After finally getting back to the base, Armin walked to his room, opening the door and bringing Eren inside with him. He had told Mikasa that he'd make sure he was ok.
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 4 2
No Good~ Chapter 9 (Trip and Virus x Reader)
Previously- "Ah, don't sweat it. I still love you all the same." You said with a genuine smile as you looked at him and held your fist out to him. Aoba's eyes widended and a blush adorned his surprised face. With a happy smile, he connect his fist with yours lightly, and said "I love you too." 
Each of us had finished our meal and decided to walk around town and look at some shops. Koujaku, Clear and Aoba went to check out a few clothing stores, while Noiz and I hit up the food stands. We had both just eaten but of course, we could eat again.
"Hey Noiz, how has RR been since I left?" You asked.  Noiz just shrugged and said "It's been quieter." At this, you looked at the male with a glare. 
"WILHELM, are you saying I'm LOUD?" You said with great exaggeration and volume increase on the words "Wilhelm" and "Loud". 
Noiz just looked at you as if he could kill you on the spot then replied, "That's exactly what I'm saying". You were the only pe
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 37 24
Summer Lovin'~ (Levi x Reader) One-Shot
"It's way too fuckin hot." The short male beside you grumbled. 
"Agreed." you said back, quietly. The heat draining mostly all of your energy and making your throat dry. It was the beginning of Summer and with Summer came beaches, swimming and beautiful, starry nights. But people seemed to forget that Summer also brought along a heat that would put Satan's humble abode to shame. 
You were currently lounging around your aparetment with your good friend, Levi. You two had known eachother since high school. You both weren't very good with people, and though girls threw themselves at Levi, his bad-boy appearance making him "irresistible", he'd just call them sluts and ignore them. You had a bad mouth and an equally as bad attitude, (since most of your classmates annoyed the absolute hell out of you) so it only made sense that you two would befriend one another.
 Both of you were a force to be reckoned with. Considering how neither of you took any shit, you two were not bothe
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 29 8
No Good~ (Trip and Virus x Reader) Chapter 8
Previously~ After gently placing you on the bed, he got in,  wrapped his arms around you and headed to sleep. When you were sure he was asleep, you smiled, kissed him on the cheek and officially, went to sleep.
After that oh-so-lovely night with the twins was over, Shadow and I casually made our way back to Aoba's house before the two awoke. While we were walking, he and I discussed the twins and I could tell that he was certainly glad to not be anywhere near them anymore. Though Shadow was an allmate, he was also one of my best friends and he didn't want to see me hurt by the shady duo. 
While walking, I had texted Aoba ahead of time to tell him that I was on my way, but I wasn't quite sure if he was awake yet since he didn't have to work today. 
As I made my way to the patio outside his room, I slid open the doors, only to find a peacefully sleeping Aoba. I smiled to myself as I took in his form. His Sky Blue hair fell down his back like a wat
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 44 18
No Good~ (Trip and Virus x Reader) Chapter 7
Previously~"I'm very surprised we didn't see that coming." Virus said with a sigh as he removed his shirt completely, deciding to go change. On his way out, he heard Trip sigh and grumble something about sex and saw him button his shirt back up, then pout over his now stolen cake. 
After eating that delicious piece of cake and waiting for the two men to finish changing, the 3 of us sat down and just talked, and by "talked" I mean we made out a little more until I got bored and decide to go change into my pajamas. I conveniently had my own room here, (that I never slept in) which had been stocked full of clothes. Very expensive clothes, might I add. I'll have to thank those two later. 
When I finished rummaging around to find non-revealing nightware, which was a hard task, I stumbled upon some shorts and some underwear. I had also found a LOZ t-shirt, but I'd prefer to wear that when I'm out and about. So, grabbing my shorts a
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 38 19
Mature content
No Good~ (Trip and Virus x Reader) Chapter 6 :iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 50 14
No Good (Trip and Virus x Reader) Chapter 5
Previously:Trip slid his hand down to the small of (y/n)'s back to guide her into the building after Virus had unlocked the door. Shadow was looking around apprehensively before he looked up at (y/n). She nodded her head as an "it's ok, we can go in" as she and her allmate stepped inside, the shady twins close behind. 
As (y/n) walked into the building, she noticed how warm it was. Compared to the chill of the night outside, the building felt very comforting. But of course, she knew absolutely nothing about the two not-so-twins, could be comforting. 
They led her to a glass elevator. As the doors opened, (y/n) stepped inside with the twins. 
"So, which floor this time?" (Y/n) asked. She had been here many times before, but it seemed they had done a few improvements to the building since she had last been there. 
"Top floor, of course." Virus said as he pressed the second to last button on the very last row. He didn't even have to look at (y/n)
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 59 18
No Good (Trip and Virus x Reader) Chapter 4
Previously:"You want me? Come get me boys" (y/n) said with a smirk as the men started running at her, ready to attack.
Throwing another punch, (y/n) thought to herself 'Shit, these assholes just wont stay down. I think it's time for plan B.' Not that what she had previously been doing could be called a plan. Preparing herself, (y/n) looked at the men surrounding her, trying to see which way she could go to make a quick escape. 
Deciding to just run for it, (y/n) ran right through the drunk, disoriented and bleeding men. "A-after her!" One of the men slurred. He then took two steps and fell flat on his face while the others made a failed attempt to chase after her, but very soon gave up their efforts. 
Even though (y/n) knew she was somewhat safe now, she kept running. The breeze of the crisp air that night felt relaxing. And besides, her adrenaline kept her feet moving. 
*Present time* 
Which is how she ended up where she is now, taking
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 69 11
No Good (Trip and Virus x Reader) Chapter 3
Previously: Curiosity overtaking her, (y/n) headed to the front door to see who awaited on the other side.
 Upon opening the door, (y/n) was greeted with a sight she  hadn't seen in a while. 
"Noiz? What are you doing here? " she asked with a face contorted in confusion. 
"I came to see Aoba." He said, keeping his expression stoic as always. 
"Thank you, Sherlock. I'm not blind, I can see that." 
"Then why'd you ask?" He said as he pushed past her and walked inside. 
'You little fuck, if Tae-san wasn't here, I'd punch your lights out.' (Y/n) thought as she slammed the door and walked back into the kitchen, only to have the door bell ring, yet again.
"UGH. AOBA, HOW MANY FRICKEN PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW?!" (Y/n)  said as she stomped back to the front door.
"That's only the second time it's rung..." he said quietly,  poking his head out of the kitchen to see who it was this time
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 49 4
No Good (Trip and Virus x Reader) Chapter 2
Previously:  *Still in Flashback mode* Aoba just shook his head and waved as you walked out the door with Shadow and headed to see Koujaku.
As (y/n) walked up to the Salon, she noticed the lack of annoying, squealing girls surrounding the building.  'Must be my lucky day', she thought as a smile made it's way onto her lips. 
The bell above the door jingled, alerting Koujaku of a customer. About to put out his cigarette, he stopped his actions as he looked to see who it was and their eyes met as soon as the person opened their mouth.
"Sup Koujackoff" (y/n) said with a devious smirk that Koujaku could practically hear in your voice, even though it was displayed on your face, clear as day. 
"Hello (y/n), always a pleasure to see you." The sarcasm very present in the statement as he took a puff from his cancer stick.
"Oh c'mon, don't be that way. You know I'm only joking" she said with that bright smile that he just couldn't be mad at.
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 52 2
No Good (Trip and Virus x Reader) Intro/Chpt. 1
Walking down the empty yet brightened streets, (y/n) thought to herself, "I wonder if they followed me...?". With a quick glance behind her, she smirked. She hadn't been followed, of course. She doubted anyone was dumb enough to actually look for her, but she had to be sure.Turning around, (y/n) continued down her path that she had been previously following at a slow pace. Though she had no real destination, her feet kept up at what they were doing as if they knew exactly where they were going, her allmate following her lead.
During this nightly stroll that had become a regular occurence for the (h/c) haired girl, (y/n) began to think about how her day and what events had led her to where she is now.
Watching as the two brothers sent the hellian back to it's rightful home, (y/n) heard a pair of wheels toppling down the stairs with a loud *clang!* as the suitcase descended down each wooded step. She knew exactly what was to come next.
"(Y/n), dear!" (y/m/n) called excitedly.
:iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 99 13
Screenshot 2014-05-07-19-18-26~2~2 by NalaxForeverxAlone Screenshot 2014-05-07-19-18-26~2~2 :iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 1 2 Screenshot 2014-05-07-19-18-38~2~2~2 by NalaxForeverxAlone Screenshot 2014-05-07-19-18-38~2~2~2 :iconnalaxforeverxalone:NalaxForeverxAlone 1 3


Asasara by 3mmI Asasara :icon3mmi:3mmI 313 32
G-Dragon x Reader
You have spotted a male with ebony black hair, long to the side at a park. It was nighttime and he was keeping his eye gaze at the ground. Most likely for identity purposes. He had slim brown eyes and a rather ghastly pale skin complexion. He seemed a bit lonely just as you were yourself. Once you had approached the male, you stuttered over your words and parted your thin lips to speak. "H-Hello..." You said to the male. Soon, the lonely looking male looked up at you and flipped his hair so his hair wouldn't get in his mouth. "Hello." He responded after about 1 minute. Your heart shot for the stars once you realized who this was. G-DRAGON?!?!! You thought to yourself. You began to get a bit hot from the nervous pressure from being near the idol. "Kwon Jiyong." He introduces himself as he extends and arm towards you for you to shake his hand. "You?" He asks as he blinks his slim eyes, staring at you. "_-_____" You stutter
:iconkagaminelen--02:KagamineLen--02 11 4
G Dragon x Reader
You walked down the streets off to your grandmothers's flower store. You go there when ever you can find the time to help her out.
You knocked on the door and heard a 'Come in~'
Walking in with a bright smile you got welcomed by your grandmother.
"______ you know you don't have to knock on the door when you come over!"
"I don't have to but I want to," You said smiling.
She chuckled and walked over.
"You grew up so much since last time I saw you into a beautiful young lady.____~!"
You blushed and smiled brightly,
"Thank you, grandma"
After that she told you what to do and you heard the normal 'Ding!' signeling someone came in.
Thinking your grandma will get it you continued to do your work humming to your self.
you felt a tap on your shoulder, turning around you saw a young man-about your age- and.....he was a cute guy.
"um can I help you?"
"yeah can I get (flower type)"
You smiled at him and nodded, and walked over to the flower section and picked it out and turned over to him.
"Do you
:iconceo-chan:Ceo-Chan 64 24
G-Dragon x Reader
  You are obsessed with BIGBANG, a very popular K-Pop boy band. You knew every song by them, including the newer ones. Your favorite songs were the songs in the album 'Alive'. Your three favorites being Bad Boy, Blue, and Fantastic Baby. You could sing each of them like it was nothing, and you don't even know Korean that well. You were listening to Bad Boy before your mother called you down to tell you something. "What is it mom?" You asked. She smiles at you and sits something down on the table. It...Was a ticket to BIGBANG'S concert! 
  "Happy birthday ____." She says. You forgot today was you birthday though, but despite that, you start freaking out and you hug your mother tightly, thanking her at least five times. She laughs and pats your head. 
  "When can I go!?" You ask eagerly. She smiles and tells you that you can go whenever you feel like it. "I'm going to go NOW." You say and you run up the stairs to your bedroom. Your bedroom has posters of BIGBANG
:iconsieghart123:sieghart123 65 51
G dragon x Reader
G-dragon x reader
Sigh….GTOP… it was your pretty much OTP! You liked looking at fan art in your spear time it was so cute~
You heard footsteps come closer in to the living room where you were. You quickly put the lap top down and closed it.
You saw Ji-yong come in and his dyed white hair was all messy. He was sleeping for a long time this morning and you were gonna wake him up but got carried away with your fangirling over GTOP…
“(Name)? You were supposed to wake me up…” He said in an irritated tone and yawning right after.
You rubbed the back of your neck “Yeah… I got carried away… I was fan girling” you said.
He said next to you chuckling. “Yes I heard.” He turned on the tv and you tried to stay Normal next to him and not fan girl about your OTP.
Until he said it.
“What were you fan girling about anyway?”
You started to blush and turned away fan girling again.
“Was it me?” He s
:iconceo-chan:Ceo-Chan 132 49
Heartbreaker by MsMiyavi Heartbreaker :iconmsmiyavi:MsMiyavi 304 85 Fantastic Baby by chriztaychuang Fantastic Baby :iconchriztaychuang:chriztaychuang 618 62 Gdragon by Laaury Gdragon :iconlaaury:Laaury 406 48
Human!Foxy X Human/Animatronic!Reader One-Shot
You were crouched low just around the corner, body coiled and ready to spring. You could hear the footsteps of your soon-to-be victim, not too far away. If he would just come a little closer…
You stayed silent and still. Your victim was only a few feet away now. Certainly close enough. Forcing a hideous scream through your voice box, you darted around the corner and flung yourself forward, claws outstretched. You were met by another XSCREAM though, which startled you off course. Your shoulders were grabbed, and your back slammed into the floor.
Owww…you thought.
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 152 48
Human!Goldie X Human/Animatronic!Reader One-Shot
Temps: This is a rough draft. No editing or revising, so expect errors a-plenty. Plus…this entire plot would’ve gone so much better with Foxy, but…I dunno. I was in a Goldie mood, I guess…And I will be doing another one-shot series with the human/animatronic readers, ‘kay? Oh, and I stole that from Kaijiiro! 
He felt…numb.
No fury.
No pain.
No grief.
No sadness.
Just…nothing. Your screams still rang in his ears though, your cries, your pleads, your begging for him to stop, to have mercy. He’d ignored them then, and he ignored them now. His honey-gold eyes swept over the grotesque mess before him, the broken remains of what had once been a girl he’d loved within the suit of a feline animatronic. Those beautiful irises which he’d caught you admiring many time were now empty.
He took a step back. The wall brushed against him, and he released a shak
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 156 74
Mature content
AU One-Shots: Teacher!Human!TF X Student!Reader :icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 68 57
Rainy Day ~ Tsukito Totsuka x Reader
Sitting on your living room couch, you stared out the widown. Gray clouds covered the sky and blocked out the warm rays of the sun. The sound of rain drops hitting the glass filled your ears and you let out a soft sigh.
"What's wrong (y/n0?" A familiar monotone voiced asked from beside you. A frown formed on your lips and you spoke. "I thought it would be nice for us to go to the park today, but it's raining.."
"I see." After a few moments of silence Tsukito closed the book he was reading and set in on the coffee table before standing up. "Why don't we go out in the rain." He said. The tone of his voice never changing. Surprised by his suggestion, you just stared at him but when he opened the door and walked outside you followed.
At first, you both just stood there. Taking in a deep breath, fesh air and the aroma of flowers filled your nose. Dashing out into the yard, with your arms outstretched you twirled around and liftened your face to the sky.
The cool drops of water hit your skin
:icondeersdonteatbabies:Deersdonteatbabies 32 0
Misery Loves Company [Hades Aidoneus x Reader]
She approached him in the garden’s courtyard for what seemed the hundredth time today. As soon as he saw her, the same exact words from before left his mouth:
“You need to stay away from me.”
An unfazed grin passed over the girl’s lips. “And if I don’t want to?”
“You will be affected and possibly harmed by the misery that follows me. Please; for the sake of your safety, leave me alone,” he grunted quietly, looking uncomfortable as the conversation progressed.
The girl threw her head back and laughed. The sound rang out through the courtyard, causing the man before her to flinch. (E/c) eyes glinted mischievously as she placed her hands on her hips and stepped forward, inching closer to him. “Hades, really…you need to stop being so glum! I don’t care about the supposed ‘curse’ on you. I just want to get to know you better!”
The man—or, better yet, the god—glanced down at her almost remor
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 198 24
Morning Romance (Loki X Reader)
You woke up with a yawn to see Loki sitting on your bedroom floor reading,
“Hello?” you asked, sitting up,
“Hello darling,” he replied, looking up from his book, “Did you sleep well?”
“Fine,” you hissed, “Were you watching me sleep?”
“What? No, I was reading,” Loki replied as he held up his book, it was thick and leather bound with enamel gold letters on the front in a language you couldn’t understand,
“Yeah but you were sitting there while I was sleeping?”
“Because I came to visit you but you were still asleep,” Loki replied in a matter of fact way,
“So you decided to just sit in my room?”
“I was reading,” Loki sighed,
“Still a bit creepy,” you pointed out as you climbed out of bed and walked over to your wardrobe,
“Dually noted,” Loki said as he got up and walked over to you, “However I
:iconcookiemeg:CookieMeg 151 16
Ivory Tower (LokixReader one shot request)
You sigh as you feel the col breeze blow in from the open door, snuggling into the silky sheets as you tried to fall back asleep and groaned as you heard cackling crows fly off into the sky as the sun started to peek over the mountain tops, seeping its way into your room. You’d been in this tower now for a few months, alone, with no way of getting out since the man who had brought you here used some form of magic to build the large tower and did not put an exit for you to leave by. You didn’t know why you had been taken but you were still annoyed with being kidnapped, especially since the man who had taken you had not returned since you’d been brought here.
‘Fine, I guess I should get up now...” you sigh, pushing the sheets back as you sat up and opened your (e/c) eyes. You stretch your arms above your head, covering a yawn as you swung your feet to the warm wooden floor and twitched slightly as you sensed something by the door to the terrace. Your heart r
:iconfated-wings:Fated-Wings 193 38


Guys, I'm so so sorry I haven't updated in like, 2 weeks. I've been sick and at first, I was gonna write something, but I just couldn't. Now, I've got crippling headaches that wont stop no matter what painkillers I take and it's just really shitty. (Could be the Slender Sickness since I watched all of Marble Hornets.)
But yeah, I'll try my best to update soon♡♡♡


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Tbh I love drawing and writing, but I really like looking at other people's work and thats basically why I made this but, I'm definitely putting up a few stories and one shots~.
Fyi: I put a lot of time, love and pride into WHATEVER I write or draw, so please don't steal anything of mine.
Also, I'm hella weird with a sharp tongue and a dark/dirty sense of humor; you've been warned.♡


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